How to clean a house in 8 steps


You want to know how to clean your house to and do not know where to start? Well, here are some tips to get you started today and so you can get started in the wonderful world of housecleaning.

Step 1: Ask for help

Unless you live alone or have the need to clean the house to make a good impression to other people, the idea is that the cleaning of the house was made on a shared basis, so that the responsibility for cleaning the house is shared exclusively by other people living with you.

It should, therefore, have a cleaning program in which tasks remain organized and distributed. It would not hurt for someone to take the lead by ordering charge of discipline was made.

Some people prefer to clean the house once deeply and thoroughly, and others prefer clean a little every day, without exhausting. This way of cleaning can be adapted to each person according to the time available or predisposition to cleaning you have.

Step 2: Crystals

We start to clean everything that contains glass or glass, including mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces.

We will focus on the glass because we will use one cleaner, with hot, soapy water and a cloth to go dry. In this way, we will not have to change the product in each room when we come to the crystals

The cloth should not have tendrils or lint from sticking to the glass. A newspaper or paper napkins we can also serve to dry after cleaning crystals.

A very effective trick to leave the windows and bright and transparent tiles is to use water and vinegar in equal parts, in a spray, and after applying, wipe them with newspaper. Perhaps it smells a little bad until it evaporates but leaves a very crisp and professional result.

Step 3: Dust on furniture

By the simple fact of living in a house, dust begins to accumulate. It is the body’s own particles, such as dust mites and dead skin cells that end up airborne accumulate on the surface of the furniture throughout the house.

We can use a powder or removes the same product with soap that we used in step two for crystals. Some furniture needs a wax layer that prevents you continue gathering dust.


Step 4: Clean all

Now that we are talking about cleaning products. We suggest you use the right products for every occasion and to avoid using announcing on TV that serves all and end are useless. Many are acids in high concentrations, which end up damaging furniture or surfaces and gasses which can be harmful to our health. You should read labels and usage rules. Many products are advised to wear gloves and some also give advice on what to do if the liquid falls on the mucous membranes or eyes. And of course, never mix some products with others without knowing that result. Sometimes, we can neutralize the cleaning power and sometimes make them even more corrosive and dangerous.

Step 5: Clean the outside of the house

To keep the house clean inside, you must also clean the house from the outside. In this way, we avoid that visits dirty the floor with his feet, and dust does meantime when we opened the door, etc … A clean house starts by having the outside area was also clean.

If you have a garden, then the external cleaning is mandatory. Soil and dry leaves can go slowly taking over our house and even many insects and arachnids may end up looking the heat entering the home.

Step 6: Clean the floors

To clean floors, one of the most useful appliances is definitely cleaner. Either a carpeted or parquet floors, vacuuming can clean all those particles have fallen, crumbs, hair, dust, mites, etc …

For tile floors, as the case of the kitchens or bathrooms, the first thing to do is sweep. Sweeping away particles that can be annoying to mop cleaned. First, you sweep and then mop is passed, the great Spanish invention, which incidentally invented by an aeronautical engineer.


Step 7: Wash the dishes and glasses

If you have at home a dishwasher, you can cram everything in and go cleaning the dishes while still cleaning the rest of the house, but if you are someone who does not have a dishwasher, then, I sympathize with you and will show you how you should clean the plates and glasses.

You need two places next to each other. And one of these places has a water tap, hopefully hot. One should also keep a mop and a soap dish.

  • The way to clean the dishes is as follows:
  • The dish is introduced into water to clean
  • The pad is applied to remove traces of oil or dirt
  • It goes back under the water to remove soap scum now.
  • The dish is placed on the other surface to dry, or directly dried with a cloth and stored.
  • We should replace the sponge with a new one every so often as they accumulate a lot of bacteria.

Step 8: Cleaning objects and special parts:

Some tasks require little effort and achieve very good image cleaning the house, for example: Take the trash and bring it down to the container. Clean microwave inside and outside. Although not see the inner dirt, it does not hurt to be clean inside. Equally so with the bed sheets and the dust that accumulates underneath. Although things are apparently not seen, we can do without them. For a special moment, we do not have time, but in the long term, we must finish doing them.

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