What is important in the formation of a gazebo?

In the garden gazebo and cheap tents for sale, see many different offers, which differ in their size, shape, and material in its substantially from one another. Besides, there are models that can be assembled and disassembled quickly and other products that are suitable for continuous use. So, depending on the place and nature of your garden you will be spoiled for choice.

The material of the frame

One of the most important points in the selection of the gazebo is the material from which the frame is made. The materials from which you can choose to have a lot of differences in longevity and appearance.

The roof of the gazebo

Another important point in the selection of the gazebo is the material that makes up the roof. For products with the metal frame, a roof made of fabric or a plastic sheet is used, since this material is very suitable for quick assembly and disassembly in the rule.

This is at the gazebo with wooden frame even possible, but not common. Since these products are usually intended for a permanent structure, here, other materials for the roof to be selected. For example, frequently used shingles of bitumen used, but also steel sheets or tiles may be utilized.

The shape of the gazebo

The form of the gazebo is critical when choosing. Most deals are certainly rectangular. But even models that are hexagonal can be purchased.

The form that is useful for your garden depends primarily on personal preference. Much preferably rectangular in shape, while others prefer a hexagonal shape or a design with several corners. In addition to personal preference, but you should always make sure that the gazebo fits well at the intended site.

If the gazebo is to be installed for example in a corner of the site, it makes sense that the model also has a corresponding angle. This is particularly the case with rectangular gazebo. But also in the area of the polygonal gazebo, you will find models that are pentagonal, but where different angles have been chosen for the own corners. So still can occur at the back of a right corner, which fits well in a niche of the property.

Most deals polygonal gazebo are octagonal. These models are not usually used on land border, since the straight lines, caused by the plot, do not harmonize with the octagonal shape. Therefore, a location in the middle of the garden should be chosen for these products. However, you need to take care that this is a relatively large land is necessary because of gazebo space set and also a certain distance from the house and the plot should be respected. Placed in the middle of it is the center of a garden.

Preparations for construction

Most gazebo with a metal frame is just plugged into the lawn. However, if you buy a model with a wooden frame, which is to remain permanently installed, this is not a good idea. Through the lack of exposure and the frequent committing the grass would die after a short time here. It is, therefore, necessary in this case, to prepare the ground accordingly.

Some models have a soil already contained, which greatly simplifies the work. But it can also be useful here to make the site accordingly. If no ground should be there, it is recommended to ensure a solid surface. It is possible, for example, this area secured with terraces plates. In this way, you can also make the access to the gazebo in order here to ensure a safe and comfortable access.

Another alternative is to prepare a solid foundation made of concrete. Although this means a much greater effort, this makes for a particularly secure fit. Especially if you should choose a large gazebo, this can be useful.


A Square gazebo with the wooden frame is very suitable to make your garden more attractive. Firstly, they protect in high sunlight and wind and rain, but on the other hand they also optically course. Models of wood are useful primarily if you want to place the gazebo permanently in your garden since the construction and dismantling take considerably more time than with a gazebo with a metal frame.

When choosing, you must always pay attention to the type of wood of the scaffold, on the size and shape. It is also important to select a suitable site for the gazebo particularly comes into its own.

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