In the garden, people find peace and relaxation – but in the summer the garden is also the ideal place for barbecues, large Dinner parties or boisterous weddings. But as beautiful as the weather is, no one is happy for hours in the sun, especially when the occasion festive and the dress is accordingly formally. Also, a short but intense summer rain can quickly negate any party. Exactly for such cases, there are pavilions and tents for sale for parties.

These simple structures can be quickly put together, provide reliable protection against rain and the sun, and can if they are not required to be stored easily and compactly. So you are, in contrast to summer houses, mainly for flexible use. But on what should you look for when buying a pavilion or party tent? The offer is immense and for the layman is often not immediately apparent whether a tent or building for the intended purpose is. We, therefore, want to give some basic tips to make your choice.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the correct size

It may sound obvious, but the first step in matching gazebo or party tent is the selection of an article in the right size. Firstly, you should consider what is to fit everything under the tent or pavilion. If the guests are only or are also tables and chairs to be protected? If five people expected or 50? Also, one should remember that the space under the tent or pavilion usually can not be fully utilized because the borders are no longer shielded from rain and the sun.

Secondly, one should be clear about how much space in the garden is present. Most are only overturn roughly how big the tent or gazebo may be, however, misjudge you look at these measures very quickly. It is, therefore, advisable to gauge before buying with a ruler how much space is available. This does not take long and prevents the end the party in the real sense of the word has to fall into the water because of the pavilion, or party tent is too big for the garden.

Tip 2: The right material

Gazebos and party tents are usually covered either with plastic sheeting or impregnated polyester fabric. Both materials have certain advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying.

The biggest advantage of plastic is its pure water. With a tent or pavilion, which is covered with plastic, one remains protected for a long time before raindrops. However, plastic is sensitive to sunlight. Is he so repeatedly exposed over an extended period of the sun, it is dry and brittle until it finally breaks and needs to be replaced.

Polyester, however, is sensitive to solar rays – although it may gradually fade somewhat, the actual harm he did not take. For water, the fabric can, despite the impregnation, not very useful from. In heavy and longer periods of rain, it can happen that the substance begins soggy and dripping it in a tent or pavilion. Also, the fabric is usually more expensive than equivalent versions of the synthetic material.

Tip 3: Pay attention to equipment and quality

Very simple party tents and pavilions are to get even for little money, but it is worthwhile, something to look at the quality, will be at the tent or pavilion extended period have joy.

First, you should make sure that the roof is supported by a plurality of cross braces because otherwise may accumulate in rainwater on the surface, which then either drips inside or burdened by its weight, the material and may even be damaged.

The supports should be stable. Usually, they are made of steel or aluminum tubes. If you liked it something noble, but there are also tents and pavilions with columns from teak or rattan.

If you want to barbecue under the tent or pavilion, one should opt for a model with a so-called roof crown – this is a small element that is mounted on the actual roof and covering an opening in the center of the ceiling. To be able to deduct the smoke and does not accumulate inside.

For closed models, there are those embodiments in which the side panels can connect with zippers so that the tent or the pavilion can be closed completely and adequately protects against wind and weather.

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