Which pillow suits a Slide sleeper

Most people sleep on their sides. Benefits of sleep on your side is that would go against the nocturnal heartburn or reflux. The ideal picture? The space between your mattress and your head is filled with a soft but resilient pillow, thereby smells fresh and it feels cool to the touch. Relax neck muscles and body unwind while your mind wanders slowly. Are you asleep yet? Still insist here, scroll down and choose the material that suits you. For slide sleepers. it is recommended to choose the bamboo memory foam pillow

Which pillow suits a back sleeper?

If you like to sleep on your back, this is fine. A back sleeper relieved his joints, and your body is to relax and get no sleep wrinkles in your face. Rugslapers do not need fat/giant pillow but of course, a cushion that supports the neck and space between the head and the mattress fills. Fast scroll down and choose the material that you prefer to go out. The disadvantage of your back sleeper? Your jaw joint relaxes giving you previously suffered from sleep apnea and snoring.
After four years your pillow needs replacing. However, there are many different pads on the market. To avoid selection stress and a bad buy, I’ll help you in choosing your new acquisition. Let’s start at the beginning, in any sleeping position you lie “- Luuk Hendriks, physiotherapist

And when I’m on my Tummy sleeping?

Sleep on your stomach works against snoring and sometimes even sleep apnea, but that is the only advantage. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. Cons: On your belly sleep usually makes for back pain, neck pain. Belly sleepers in the Netherlands, you want to sleep belly unlearn? Go on your side and place a pillow between your knees will turn less on your stomach. You will still always on your stomach up, put a pillow under your belly button, making your head is not entirely set.

When I have my old cushion Replace?

After four years, a pillow causes perspiration and dust mites that pillow needs replacing. nThe reason why we are on a pillow is very simple. We want the head and neck can relax unwind from a busy day. The space between the mattress and the head must, therefore, be filled up. A comfortable and supportive pillow is a prerequisite to sleep well and let your body recover from a busy day.

What material a good pillow should be made of?

The choice of your pillow depends on your preferences. Would you like a soft pillow or should he be a bit stronger? I take all the material with you and look at even just the short video for more clarity!

Memory foam

Memory foam is made from polystyrene and is also known as memory foam through a chemical process. A memory foam pillow is firm, gives a lot of support but often feels hard and may emit a chemical smell. Is usually pricey. “I can see from the experience of my customers that memory foam pillows often (too) are suffering hard.”


The cheapest cushion what is for sale. Suitable for all sleeping positions, soft, washable and hypoallergenic. I call it a plug pillow because it does not support and get fast hollow spots. Suitable for up to 2 nights, you will find them often in a hotel. “I call it a plug pillow because it does not support and get fast hollow spots.”


Down Pillows are soft, well formable and give comfort. Also, down pillows light and suitable for all sleepers. Unfortunately, down and feather pillows provide good support and down/feather escape from the pad as you have to shake him regularly.

Orthopedic pillows

The principle of an orthopedic pillow is simple. It corrects your sleeping position. You recognize an orthopedic pillow pretty quickly; high, wide, memory foam with the padded neck roll and cut to the head. Price: 90-150 euros.

Persistent neck pain is the nervous system more sensitive to stimuli. A hard orthopedic pillow guesses I therefore strongly off. “You do not need a special pad to correct your body.”

Aqua Soft Pillow

I found a pillow all the qualities of the perfect pillow that full height and firmness can be adjusted. Aqua soft pillow is the only pillow that meets the highest quality requirements and my vision. Aqua Soft Pillow consists of a single water-sealed compartment surrounded by the highest quality polyester fibers. Soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic but with adequate support for your head, neck and shoulders. Suitable for all types of sleepers. No stress!

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