5 Tips For Cooking On Camping

Cooking On Camping

Summer is (officially) arrived, and that means we massively go on vacation. In a hotel is the place to when it is cooked daily for you and a summer house you usually have enough supplies (read: a stove, oven and ample workspace). But what if you go to a camp?

Because cooking on vacation for us one of the best things is (often you will find the most delicious fresh and unusual ingredients), we give you some tips how to get through the summer without being able to make use of an oven, several burners or (over ) countertop and some camping meal ideas.


It might be something more towing, but as a real cook, you have it firmly forward. Consider your favorite knives with (enough a knife and lower knife), one fine snack or frying pan with lid (preferably with high sides so you can spare a lot in lost) and a thick wooden board.

2. Casseroles

It’s a little kicking in an open door, but stews are ith-ale if you cook at a campsite. This gives you less workspace, stove, pans and what all need more. Take for example:

– Shakshuka
– Pasta console (spaghetti boiled slightly shorter and cooked further along with the rest of the ingredients)
– Vega coconut curry
– Quinoa with broccoli, pine nuts, spinach, and feta
– Frittata
– Hamburgers
– Pad Thai Kai


You have no oven at your disposal, does not mean you can not make such dishes. So you can most pizza in a baking pan, and you come up with a good sealing lid a long way. Or how about a (covered) barbecue?

Especially with the latter goes a long way. Make herein mainly dishes longer have the time and have to thread on a not too high temperature.


You cook all unknown territory, let alone the shortage of space. Therefore cheat occasionally with a bag of pre-cut vegetables (even by local greengrocer).


The Italians have to bear, and that is not for nothing. Most fresh produce needs only finery, so try to use as little as possible ingredients. For example, avoid a mishmash of herbs and enjoy the pure taste of the product.

Recipe for camping: Moink Balls

I believe that the love of cooking goes hand in hand with the love of good food. Plus a keen interest in foreign cuisine, spices, and flavors from other countries. That is why we are at home so often found on the computer. A walk on the Internet, looking for a particular dish to cook at home and on the campsite.

We are talking about Moink Balls. These are seasoned meatballs wrapped in long slices of bacon and secure with a cocktail stick put. They are then grilled on the BBQ or Smoker and then glazed for some time with barbecue sauce.

It was invented in America, where even competitions are held to determine who makes the best Moink balls of the States. The taste is ultimately determined by adding the choice of herbs (the rubber) and the homemade barbecue sauce. The avid BBQ fan makes the rub and sauce, of course, himself. You can make all this too well in advance. Always handy to have in stock, but it also goes well with readymade products.

Larry Gaian, the creator of the Moink Balls, had a bag ready-made Italian bought frozen meatballs, seasoned them with barbecue rub and wrapped with long slices of bacon. The Moink Ball was born. Since the Italian meatballs here are not for sale, we make those delicious home with Italian herbs.

The Monk name comes from MOO + = OINK Monk. A combination of ground beef and pork bacon. You have just come up.

Moink Balls: about 30 pieces


  • 750 grams of ground beef
  • 1 bag Parmesan cheese (40 grams)
  • One beaten egg
  • 60g breadcrumbs
  • Two tablespoons minced garlic
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • One teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 100 ml of milk
  • One teaspoon dried oregano
  • Two teaspoons dried parsley
  • 2 packets of bacon in long slices cocktail toothpicks
  • One bag of barbecue spices
  • One bottle of spicy barbecue sauce
  • BBQ with lid or Smoker


Mix the ingredients with the minced meat together well and make balls the size of a golf ball. Sprinkle the meatballs with barbecue spices. Wrap a slice of bacon around the balls and secure with a toothpick. Your Moink Balls to use the road in the refrigerator. Barbecue the Moink Balls 45 minutes on indirect fire and brush them with barbecue sauce to glaze. Let them for another 15 to 30 minutes grilling. If you make the meatballs on a Smoker, such as Cobb, you should be cooking time 1 ½ hours.

You can eat them as a snack, as well as the main course. I make then a potato salad with salad and fresh.

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