How to choose an air compressor for home use

If you ever watch home improvement shows on TV, you know that can make a home air compressor nail or install molding easy. They are also suitable for driving tools such as wrenches, grinders or injectors. They also inflate your tires or children blow up toys in a snap.

However, home air compressors are relatively new, and most of us are not as familiar with them so that they can be confusing. Here are a few basics on home compressors that will help you choose the one the best air compressor for the money

Instructions for finding the compressor for your house

• Understand that all air compressors work on the scientific principle that you can compress a gas (air) into a storage tank, and when you let the air (one bit at a time) the pressure of the burst of air escaping coming out will be robust enough to power all kinds of tools.

• Compare air compressor by the air stream (measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute). Home air compressors are usually referred to by their SCFM or CFM at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI).
Smaller household tools (e.g., nailers) usually require 1-5 CFM while larger tools (e.g., grinders) may need up to 10 CFM.

• Determine the size of the tank you need to evaluate how you plan to use your home air compressor. A larger tank is for power tools will be longer than a smaller tank, but depending on your application that could be a problem. For example, tools such as a power nailer or an impact wrench only a short burst of air while other instruments, such as a paint sprayer having a constant supply of air during their longer service life and probably a bigger tank.

• Consider where you will be using your compressor. If you plan on using the compressor in your home, an electric motor is a safe choice. Gasoline-powered compressors are usually stronger than electrically driven compressors but make their exhaust gasses them impractical for use in a house or building.

• Consider the weight and shape of the compressor. Horizontal compressors are usually easier to carry or move. However, vertical compressors take up less storage space. Please also note that gasoline-powered compressors can be quite substantial and more than one person is needed to move them.

• Think about how you use the plane to your home compressor and choose the right one for you by ensuring your compressor has enough airflow to the tools you want to use and a tank large enough to hold your tools workability.


  • A rule of thumb for sizing a compressor is a compressor that CFM provides output to 1.5 times the requirement of the greatest tool you will choose with the help of the compressor.
  • The duty cycle of your compressor will determine how long it takes. Duty cycle refers to how long your compressor runs compared to how long it while you use it. A good ratio is 50:50, which means that the compressor is running (under the pressure of the tank), about half of the time – and it is from the other half – while air from the powers of your tool storage tank. A duty cycle ratio exceeds 50:50 means that your compressor is running longer, and it will wear out faster.
  • Let helping to prevent rusting of the air in the storage tank when storing your compressor into the reservoir.
  • Use a gasoline-powered compressor never in an enclosed space.

The Best General Air Compressor Tools

Air tools use the power of compressed air to perform even the toughest jobs. Adding a few general purpose air tools to your arsenal will lead to more use of your air compressor and more time to do the things you enjoy doing.

Air hammer

The basic air hammer design is similar to a construction jackhammer, but it is held in a single hand. Several chisel tip lengths and widths are available to complete a variety of deconstruction and cleaning jobs.

Air Ratchet

An air ratchet at the end of a compressor hose will loosen the bolts around the house or garage. Make the most of your rattle by choosing a compatible model for your compressor output level.

Air Saw

Air saws make quick, precise cuts wood and other materials. A wide selection of blade materials is available to form metal cutting everything in stone. Clean level cuts custom wood or pipe with the quick blade of an air saw.

Air Drill

Air drills have the power using digging and driving screws into hard surfaces. Drilling air reaches your compressor hose, or portable compressor will travel and work for hours to charge without the need for a battery.

Air Nail Guns and staplers

Air guns make it easy to attach or secure an item with only one hand. Fast nail or staple anything without danger of missing and smashing a finger.

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