Golf tips for midlevel

Above all remember that golf is a game. Relax, enjoy the environment and the development of the game and be entertained. For the game, you may need a golf push cart. View golf push cart reviews


Play around with a five iron, a seven iron a wedge and a putter. You will learn the importance of not moving from side to side of the field.

Each time you practice takes some balls in ‘slow motion’, a method that top-level golfers use to refine their technique. The sprinter Carl Lewis runs at half speed to analyze and improve their near-perfect technique. In golf, the slowness can become the secret to ‘power’. When I was a young man, Davis Love III asked his father to do to hit the ball farther. Davis suggested making full swings in “slow motion” without allowing the ball to travel more than 50 yards. When he could stick those 50 yards right sound and gradually went to drivers 100 yards and keeping the full swing in slow motion. 50-yard increments Davis III reached the 300 metres. Today you can hit the ball 350 yards up whenever you want.


One of the biggest sources of power is in the stability and strength of the bottom of our body. If we develop the swing on a firm and consistent basis, we are creating a power platform that will become the true support for pasting large drivers.

The stronger the base, to be and stay more focused, greater bat speed and greater control is generated, since the rocking and unnecessary body movement is limited. By making the swing should feel his legs anchored to the ground; It is the stick that works, and that’s the impression you have to give.

When passing through the point of impact must fight the inertia of going forward with the upper part of his body. For this, you need to keep your head behind the ball at the moment of impact, letting his right shoulder passes under the chin, his arms still toward the target until you feel like the stick pulls you and lifts smoothly finishing high and balanced.

The more you get to be focused more will increase control of their blows, and the clubhead will move faster toward the point of impact with less effort. This will earn some good meters on all shots.


We remove the base of the glass to get him to the driver rod. Do the slow downswing, so that the glass down to our hands. If we swing correctly, the vessel should reach the clubhead at the time it impacts with the ball. Thus, the head reaches the maximum speed at the date of contact with the ball, taking advantage of all the power generated in the swing.

If you do not release the stick completely, the vessel will still be down after the impact.
On the contrary, if we lose wrists too early, the glass is resting on the clubhead before the impact occurs.


When playing a hole, they must take into account many factors. Most players only considered one ” ‘is a par 3? If not, then use the driver”. This theory only decision will not help you reach the next level. The process starts right on the tee and lasts throughout the development of the hole. Questions to consider when playing a hole are:

– What is its length
– I need to use the driver
– There is a condition to avoid
– That my chances with the drive to leave the ball in street
– Stick with what I want to do approach

In any case, try out the hole with the stick we have more confidence. This, in most cases, not the driver. There will be some holes where you have no other choice because of its length, but do not be as assumed you have to leave driver. If you look on television, professionals exit the iron tees on most holes. Thereby sending the ball to get more precise landing areas, creating the situation for the coup approach they wanted.

The art of playing this game is not based on the maximum distance that can get; it is how to hit the ball and the decision you make before making a stroke.

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