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What is good for air?

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can offer a solution to many problems with unhealthy air at home. Still can prevent a lot of those problems, without the use of these devices. The approach to unhealthy air in your home starts with a few simple basics. View best humidifier for babies reviews 2016

Addressing the cause:

Treating the cause

Who suffers from the polluted air would be wise first to look closely at the cause. For example, in smoking, the presence of pets or the use of air fresheners a negative impact on air quality. Also, wood stoves and fireplaces contribute to unhealthy indoor air through the vast amount of fine dust they produce. For all of these examples are to be found simple, practical solutions to improve the air quality.


The ventilation of space is the most efficient way of providing it with fresh air. Although ventilation energy costs because hot air is expelled outside, as well as pollution goes out the window. Also, the air is drier and drier through air warms again easier.


Not only ventilate contributes to cleaner air in the home. Frequent cleaning the air quality improves significantly. Dust and dirt are composed of all kinds of particles, such as sand, textiles and dander. These are visible to the naked eye. The non-observable particulate matter, said particulate matter, can be harmful to the health. By making regular clean, the amount of dust takes home considerably, and air quality is increasing.

Mechanical filtration

Sometimes you save to make it not only well ventilated and cleaned regularly. Especially if you live in an area where air pollution is the order of the day. In those places can offer the use of air treatment outcome. Note the utilization of an air conditioner, however that you replace the filter regularly.

Applications of air humidifiers

The use of moisturizers and – dehumidifiers can offer a solution to three problems in the home:

  • Odors
  • Dry air
  • Moist air


Some causes of odors in the home are evident. Think of indoor smoking, the presence of pets or leave burning fireplaces. Air fresheners and the use of scented cleaning products can mask odors, but does not provide fresh air.

Polluted air has a negative impact on the interior and health of residents. Good cleaning and ventilation can prevent a lot of discomforts. The use of air is sometimes required.

Humidifiers purify the air by a constant supply of clean, moist air.

Evaporators go a bit further because they suck the air present and then convert it into clean, damp air.

Dehumidifiers purify the air by absorbing it and filtering. This keeps dirt and dust behind. Moist air namely can retain odors. Please note well that you replace the existing filter on time.

Dry air

Although dry air is not so much evil as moist air, it can be very annoying. Many complaints are in this case:

  • Burning eyes
  • Itchy throat
  • Irritated contact lenses
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

Especially in the winter months, when windows and doors remain closed and is heated considerably, the humidity drops in the house. Cold air holds namely easier than warm air moisture. If ventilate not solve this problem, then the use of a humidifier is recommended.

Moist air

Excess moisture in the home can cause some problems. First of all, it is a source of life for dust mites. Many people here are sensitive and may experience an allergic reaction. In addition to moist air can also cause damage to the interior, for example, by mold. Also likes moist air easier odor tight, which can cause odor problems. In all of these problems can provide a dehumidifier solution.

Price of humidifiers

Simple humidifiers buy as little as € 35, but the price can go up to the € 500. This is more costly than just a single one. Between € 100 and € 200 you should generally be able to succeed. Compare pays off, because the difference in price between suppliers of humidifiers can add up. We sometimes see differences of up to more than € 100.

There are also devices for sale that can dehumidify working as well, but these systems are not cheap. Combination devices are usually not to be found for less than € 100.


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