A car vacuum cleaner with or without a bag?

This is another criterion which is particularly looked when purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. Indeed, the device’s storage system will determine how you will maintain (sometimes daily) and this for several years. A point not to be overlooked! Your vacuum cleaner will be the best car vacuum with or without a bag? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

1. Vacuum cleaner with bag

The first vacuum cleaner models were equipped bags, and we still find this storage system in modern vacuum cleaners. Dust and debris stored in the bag, and when the latter is full, the bag must be then replaced by a new one.

The bag is the first filter of the vacuum cleaner, so it guarantees its life. If you want a device that lasts several years, pay attention to the quality of the bag: the better it is, the better air circulation in the appliance. The bag also has the advantage of isolating the user from dust; if you want to minimize contact with dirt, that’s what you need.

You will find nearly 10 000 different bags, in brands, styles and materials, so much follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the selection of the bag. Some older sled vacuum cleaner models or price first devices are equipped with paper bags, but we recommend the synthetic fiber bag, which perfectly takes the shape of the device and is more resistant. In addition, it filters over 99% of the micro-particles to avoid the risk of allergy. You will also find many options that can be very practical self-closing double wall, fill indicator…

The main drawback of the bag remains the extra expense that it requires, and this may vary depending on quality and type of bag (compatible, universal, original). Overall, count between 5 and 15 euros for a set of 6 bags.

2. Bagless

In this type of device, the usual bag is replaced by a plastic dust bin. Dirt is sucked cyclonic system and is sent directly to the dust bin. This should be regularly removed, emptied and put in its place. Choose a bagless vacuum cleaner equipped with a washable or replaceable filter so if you want a durable device. The main criticism of the bagless vacuum cleaner is the greater noise.

3. Results

Now you are left to choose. Whether you choose a vacuum with or without a bag, consider checking the capacity of the dust container (bag or tray). The bigger the tank is, the easier the maintenance for you, either to replace the bag or empty the bin.

For all the aforementioned reasons, choosing a vacuum cleaner with no bag is a very important choice and will be influenced by the advantages and disadvantages of each system, summarized here:

Vacuum cleaner with bag Vacuum without a bag
Advantages Good noise insulation
No direct contact with allergens
Many useful options
No additional expense
disadvantages Not very eco
additional expenditure
It can sometimes be difficult to find the references of the original bags.
The bin must regularly be emptied, even daily for small appliances.
There is a potential contact with allergens


Do you want a quiet vacuum cleaner?

The answer is definitely yes, and this is understandable. The sound of a vacuum cleaner can be a hassle, especially if it reaches a certain number of decibels. To make use of your vacuum cleaner future as pleasant as possible, check the sound level of the energy label.

For most vacuums, the noise level is between 65 and 85 decibels. The really quiet vacuum cleaners can have a sound level of around 60 decibels, and the noise can become unbearable beyond 80 decibels – the feeling of noise also varies according to hearing sensitivity. If you wish to clean in silence, the vacuum bag will suit you best, thanks to the noise filtration by the bag. Some shapes additionally feature a silent mode.

Be aware that, in general, a silent vacuum cleaner will be potentially less powerful. If you plan to wear your choice on a silent vacuum cleaner bag, turn first to a robot vacuum cleaner, which is around the average 70 dBs. If your hearing is less sensitive, you can opt for a sleigh or a bagless upright vacuum cleaner (between 75dB and 85 dB on average). You will have to endure more than 80 dB with a vacuum table, but fortunately, the nuisance is very ephemeral.

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