If you ever watch home improvement shows on TV, you know that can make a home air compressor nail or install molding easy. They are also suitable for driving tools such as wrenches, grinders or injectors. They also inflate your tires or children blow up toys in a snap.

However, home air compressors are relatively new, and most of us are not as familiar with them so that they can be confusing. Here are a few basics on home compressors that will help you choose the one the best air compressor for the money

Instructions for finding the compressor for your house

• Understand that all air compressors work on the scientific principle that you can compress a gas (air) into a storage tank, and when you let the air (one bit at a time) the pressure of the burst of air escaping coming out will be robust enough to power all kinds of tools.

• Compare air compressor by the air stream (measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute). Home air compressors are usually referred to by their SCFM or CFM at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI).
Smaller household tools (e.g., nailers) usually require 1-5 CFM while larger tools (e.g., grinders) may need up to 10 CFM.

• Determine the size of the tank you need to evaluate how you plan to use your home air compressor. A larger tank is for power tools will be longer than a smaller tank, but depending on your application that could be a problem. For example, tools such as a power nailer or an impact wrench only a short burst of air while other instruments, such as a paint sprayer having a constant supply of air during their longer service life and probably a bigger tank.

• Consider where you will be using your compressor. If you plan on using the compressor in your home, an electric motor is a safe choice. Gasoline-powered compressors are usually stronger than electrically driven compressors but make their exhaust gasses them impractical for use in a house or building.

• Consider the weight and shape of the compressor. Horizontal compressors are usually easier to carry or move. However, vertical compressors take up less storage space. Please also note that gasoline-powered compressors can be quite substantial and more than one person is needed to move them.

• Think about how you use the plane to your home compressor and choose the right one for you by ensuring your compressor has enough airflow to the tools you want to use and a tank large enough to hold your tools workability.


  • A rule of thumb for sizing a compressor is a compressor that CFM provides output to 1.5 times the requirement of the greatest tool you will choose with the help of the compressor.
  • The duty cycle of your compressor will determine how long it takes. Duty cycle refers to how long your compressor runs compared to how long it while you use it. A good ratio is 50:50, which means that the compressor is running (under the pressure of the tank), about half of the time – and it is from the other half – while air from the powers of your tool storage tank. A duty cycle ratio exceeds 50:50 means that your compressor is running longer, and it will wear out faster.
  • Let helping to prevent rusting of the air in the storage tank when storing your compressor into the reservoir.
  • Use a gasoline-powered compressor never in an enclosed space.

The Best General Air Compressor Tools

Air tools use the power of compressed air to perform even the toughest jobs. Adding a few general purpose air tools to your arsenal will lead to more use of your air compressor and more time to do the things you enjoy doing.

Air hammer

The basic air hammer design is similar to a construction jackhammer, but it is held in a single hand. Several chisel tip lengths and widths are available to complete a variety of deconstruction and cleaning jobs.

Air Ratchet

An air ratchet at the end of a compressor hose will loosen the bolts around the house or garage. Make the most of your rattle by choosing a compatible model for your compressor output level.

Air Saw

Air saws make quick, precise cuts wood and other materials. A wide selection of blade materials is available to form metal cutting everything in stone. Clean level cuts custom wood or pipe with the quick blade of an air saw.

Air Drill

Air drills have the power using digging and driving screws into hard surfaces. Drilling air reaches your compressor hose, or portable compressor will travel and work for hours to charge without the need for a battery.

Air Nail Guns and staplers

Air guns make it easy to attach or secure an item with only one hand. Fast nail or staple anything without danger of missing and smashing a finger.


Above all remember that golf is a game. Relax, enjoy the environment and the development of the game and be entertained. For the game, you may need a golf push cart. View golf push cart reviews


Play around with a five iron, a seven iron a wedge and a putter. You will learn the importance of not moving from side to side of the field.

Each time you practice takes some balls in ‘slow motion’, a method that top-level golfers use to refine their technique. The sprinter Carl Lewis runs at half speed to analyze and improve their near-perfect technique. In golf, the slowness can become the secret to ‘power’. When I was a young man, Davis Love III asked his father to do to hit the ball farther. Davis suggested making full swings in “slow motion” without allowing the ball to travel more than 50 yards. When he could stick those 50 yards right sound and gradually went to drivers 100 yards and keeping the full swing in slow motion. 50-yard increments Davis III reached the 300 metres. Today you can hit the ball 350 yards up whenever you want.


One of the biggest sources of power is in the stability and strength of the bottom of our body. If we develop the swing on a firm and consistent basis, we are creating a power platform that will become the true support for pasting large drivers.

The stronger the base, to be and stay more focused, greater bat speed and greater control is generated, since the rocking and unnecessary body movement is limited. By making the swing should feel his legs anchored to the ground; It is the stick that works, and that’s the impression you have to give.

When passing through the point of impact must fight the inertia of going forward with the upper part of his body. For this, you need to keep your head behind the ball at the moment of impact, letting his right shoulder passes under the chin, his arms still toward the target until you feel like the stick pulls you and lifts smoothly finishing high and balanced.

The more you get to be focused more will increase control of their blows, and the clubhead will move faster toward the point of impact with less effort. This will earn some good meters on all shots.


We remove the base of the glass to get him to the driver rod. Do the slow downswing, so that the glass down to our hands. If we swing correctly, the vessel should reach the clubhead at the time it impacts with the ball. Thus, the head reaches the maximum speed at the date of contact with the ball, taking advantage of all the power generated in the swing.

If you do not release the stick completely, the vessel will still be down after the impact.
On the contrary, if we lose wrists too early, the glass is resting on the clubhead before the impact occurs.


When playing a hole, they must take into account many factors. Most players only considered one ” ‘is a par 3? If not, then use the driver”. This theory only decision will not help you reach the next level. The process starts right on the tee and lasts throughout the development of the hole. Questions to consider when playing a hole are:

– What is its length
– I need to use the driver
– There is a condition to avoid
– That my chances with the drive to leave the ball in street
– Stick with what I want to do approach

In any case, try out the hole with the stick we have more confidence. This, in most cases, not the driver. There will be some holes where you have no other choice because of its length, but do not be as assumed you have to leave driver. If you look on television, professionals exit the iron tees on most holes. Thereby sending the ball to get more precise landing areas, creating the situation for the coup approach they wanted.

The art of playing this game is not based on the maximum distance that can get; it is how to hit the ball and the decision you make before making a stroke.


What is good for air?

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can offer a solution to many problems with unhealthy air at home. Still can prevent a lot of those problems, without the use of these devices. The approach to unhealthy air in your home starts with a few simple basics. View best humidifier for babies reviews 2016

Addressing the cause:

Treating the cause

Who suffers from the polluted air would be wise first to look closely at the cause. For example, in smoking, the presence of pets or the use of air fresheners a negative impact on air quality. Also, wood stoves and fireplaces contribute to unhealthy indoor air through the vast amount of fine dust they produce. For all of these examples are to be found simple, practical solutions to improve the air quality.


The ventilation of space is the most efficient way of providing it with fresh air. Although ventilation energy costs because hot air is expelled outside, as well as pollution goes out the window. Also, the air is drier and drier through air warms again easier.


Not only ventilate contributes to cleaner air in the home. Frequent cleaning the air quality improves significantly. Dust and dirt are composed of all kinds of particles, such as sand, textiles and dander. These are visible to the naked eye. The non-observable particulate matter, said particulate matter, can be harmful to the health. By making regular clean, the amount of dust takes home considerably, and air quality is increasing.

Mechanical filtration

Sometimes you save to make it not only well ventilated and cleaned regularly. Especially if you live in an area where air pollution is the order of the day. In those places can offer the use of air treatment outcome. Note the utilization of an air conditioner, however that you replace the filter regularly.

Applications of air humidifiers

The use of moisturizers and – dehumidifiers can offer a solution to three problems in the home:

  • Odors
  • Dry air
  • Moist air


Some causes of odors in the home are evident. Think of indoor smoking, the presence of pets or leave burning fireplaces. Air fresheners and the use of scented cleaning products can mask odors, but does not provide fresh air.

Polluted air has a negative impact on the interior and health of residents. Good cleaning and ventilation can prevent a lot of discomforts. The use of air is sometimes required.

Humidifiers purify the air by a constant supply of clean, moist air.

Evaporators go a bit further because they suck the air present and then convert it into clean, damp air.

Dehumidifiers purify the air by absorbing it and filtering. This keeps dirt and dust behind. Moist air namely can retain odors. Please note well that you replace the existing filter on time.

Dry air

Although dry air is not so much evil as moist air, it can be very annoying. Many complaints are in this case:

  • Burning eyes
  • Itchy throat
  • Irritated contact lenses
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

Especially in the winter months, when windows and doors remain closed and is heated considerably, the humidity drops in the house. Cold air holds namely easier than warm air moisture. If ventilate not solve this problem, then the use of a humidifier is recommended.

Moist air

Excess moisture in the home can cause some problems. First of all, it is a source of life for dust mites. Many people here are sensitive and may experience an allergic reaction. In addition to moist air can also cause damage to the interior, for example, by mold. Also likes moist air easier odor tight, which can cause odor problems. In all of these problems can provide a dehumidifier solution.

Price of humidifiers

Simple humidifiers buy as little as € 35, but the price can go up to the € 500. This is more costly than just a single one. Between € 100 and € 200 you should generally be able to succeed. Compare pays off, because the difference in price between suppliers of humidifiers can add up. We sometimes see differences of up to more than € 100.

There are also devices for sale that can dehumidify working as well, but these systems are not cheap. Combination devices are usually not to be found for less than € 100.



This is another criterion which is particularly looked when purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. Indeed, the device’s storage system will determine how you will maintain (sometimes daily) and this for several years. A point not to be overlooked! Your vacuum cleaner will be the best car vacuum with or without a bag? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

1. Vacuum cleaner with bag

The first vacuum cleaner models were equipped bags, and we still find this storage system in modern vacuum cleaners. Dust and debris stored in the bag, and when the latter is full, the bag must be then replaced by a new one.

The bag is the first filter of the vacuum cleaner, so it guarantees its life. If you want a device that lasts several years, pay attention to the quality of the bag: the better it is, the better air circulation in the appliance. The bag also has the advantage of isolating the user from dust; if you want to minimize contact with dirt, that’s what you need.

You will find nearly 10 000 different bags, in brands, styles and materials, so much follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the selection of the bag. Some older sled vacuum cleaner models or price first devices are equipped with paper bags, but we recommend the synthetic fiber bag, which perfectly takes the shape of the device and is more resistant. In addition, it filters over 99% of the micro-particles to avoid the risk of allergy. You will also find many options that can be very practical self-closing double wall, fill indicator…

The main drawback of the bag remains the extra expense that it requires, and this may vary depending on quality and type of bag (compatible, universal, original). Overall, count between 5 and 15 euros for a set of 6 bags.

2. Bagless

In this type of device, the usual bag is replaced by a plastic dust bin. Dirt is sucked cyclonic system and is sent directly to the dust bin. This should be regularly removed, emptied and put in its place. Choose a bagless vacuum cleaner equipped with a washable or replaceable filter so if you want a durable device. The main criticism of the bagless vacuum cleaner is the greater noise.

3. Results

Now you are left to choose. Whether you choose a vacuum with or without a bag, consider checking the capacity of the dust container (bag or tray). The bigger the tank is, the easier the maintenance for you, either to replace the bag or empty the bin.

For all the aforementioned reasons, choosing a vacuum cleaner with no bag is a very important choice and will be influenced by the advantages and disadvantages of each system, summarized here:

Vacuum cleaner with bag Vacuum without a bag
Advantages Good noise insulation
No direct contact with allergens
Many useful options
No additional expense
disadvantages Not very eco
additional expenditure
It can sometimes be difficult to find the references of the original bags.
The bin must regularly be emptied, even daily for small appliances.
There is a potential contact with allergens


Do you want a quiet vacuum cleaner?

The answer is definitely yes, and this is understandable. The sound of a vacuum cleaner can be a hassle, especially if it reaches a certain number of decibels. To make use of your vacuum cleaner future as pleasant as possible, check the sound level of the energy label.

For most vacuums, the noise level is between 65 and 85 decibels. The really quiet vacuum cleaners can have a sound level of around 60 decibels, and the noise can become unbearable beyond 80 decibels – the feeling of noise also varies according to hearing sensitivity. If you wish to clean in silence, the vacuum bag will suit you best, thanks to the noise filtration by the bag. Some shapes additionally feature a silent mode.

Be aware that, in general, a silent vacuum cleaner will be potentially less powerful. If you plan to wear your choice on a silent vacuum cleaner bag, turn first to a robot vacuum cleaner, which is around the average 70 dBs. If your hearing is less sensitive, you can opt for a sleigh or a bagless upright vacuum cleaner (between 75dB and 85 dB on average). You will have to endure more than 80 dB with a vacuum table, but fortunately, the nuisance is very ephemeral.


A large part of Europe makes use of fresh water by the best reverse osmosis system. But there are also areas, such as near the coast, where there is nothing else to be found than salt water. Depending on the purpose for which one wants to use the water, a positive quality is demanded.

Both on the surface and in the source water are often elevated parameters which can cause problems in the utilization of this untreated water.In a laboratory is investigated, the untreated water on several parameters. These parameters provide insight into the water.

The quality you want of water after water treatment depends on the purpose for which the water is to be used. It is of particular importance for cleaning work, for example, that there is no deposition takes place, as a result of certainly elevated values. For example, iron (Fe) can provide a brown deposit on tiles, paving, and walls. A similar effect cause the values manganese (Mn) and Lime (* DH). Manganese gives a black and lime deposits give a white to yellowish deposits. Think of the white, yellowish limescale in the kettle or tile in the bathroom. Values such as NaCl (salt) and a low Ph materials can corrode quickly.

Regarding water quality standards after water treatment is to make the following breakdown:

  • 1.0 Human consumption – Drinking Decision 2011
  • 2.0 Industriewater Standards – Water Standards in areas such as printing presses (Demi water)
  • 3.0 Animal use – Water Standards HINTS health and production of animals subdivision:
  1. Drinking water for cattle/fattening bulls
  2. Drinking water for dairy cows
  3. Drinking water for calves
  4. Drinking water for white veal calves
  5. Drinking water for pigs for fattening
  6. Drinking water for chickens for fattening
  7. Drinking water for laying hens
  8. For horses drinking water

Several modern water treatment systems such as:

  • Open water treatment
  • Closed water treatment
  • Nano-filtration
  • Osmosis filtration
  • Ion exchangers

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are by far the most suitable to be sure of pure water

The water is squeezed out under pressure against a semi-permeable membrane that lets the water leaving behind substances. These are discharged, and the purified water is stored in a tank. Reverse osmosis membranes work actually in the reduction of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic, but also to pesticides, herbicides, and nitrates.


Osmosis comes from the Greek word “kosmos” which means “push.” Osmosis is a single flow of liquid through a semi-permeable wall (our skin is also semi-permeable, as we were sweating, the moisture through the skin comes away as if we sit in the bath penetrates the bathwater not the body through the skin within).
Is located on the side of the membrane, pure water, and on the other hand with water, for example, a sugar solution, then calls the clean water using osmotic pressure through the membrane to the side of the sugar solution.

Reverse osmosis

The word says it all. We reverse the process. By exerting pressure on the water with the sugar solution, we return to the process. The water is squeezed out in the opposite direction through the membrane leaving behind the sugar.

Why activated carbon filters are used in combination with reverse osmosis? Reverse osmosis membranes have an enormous ability to remove a broad spectrum of impurities. However, there are some limitations that should not be overlooked. Some fabrics are too small or have such a structure that they can not be removed by the reverse osmosis process. These include some carbon compounds with a low molecular weight, chlorine compounds, and dissolved gasses. By using an active carbon filter, these substances can be removed effortlessly. There are two carbon filters are placed, one in front of the membrane and one behind the membrane and the storage tank.

The quality

The yield and quality are dependent on the pressure and temperature of the inlet water. The higher the pressure, the better the efficiency, and quality. The test data are based on a pressure of 66 psi (4.5 bars) and a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The systems do not remove everything but working in proportions of e.g. 97% of the feed water.


And saturate filters have a limited life and may cause membrane fouling. This may deteriorate the quality and the capacity of the purified water. By measuring the resistance of the feed water and the purified water can be calculated if the quality is still optimal. The storage tank of pure water also needs maintenance. It is recommended to empty the tank once a week by opening the sink faucet.


Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia

. On the body: Helps perfectly with insomnia, stress and is highly analgesic. Helps with heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Gives a clear head and gives peace. Helps with migraines. Is a first aid remedy for wounds, e.g., in abscesses, acne, allergies, bruises, burns, eczema, insect stabbing, ear pain, inflammation, psoriasis, sunburn, muscle aches, rheumatism. It is best to use with the best essential oil diffusers on the market

. Handle emotions and psyche: Helps with asthma symptoms have a mental or emotional cause. Help relieve depression, panic, hysteria, and delusions.

Lavender has a healing and purifying effect. The oil gives love and tenderness and protects against negativity. Lavender stimulates the mind and relaxes the nerves.

. Spiritual – Energetic: On an energetic level also lavender is calming, cleansing and balanced braking.
The balance creative properties you can clearly see on the chakra system, where color brings the higher and lower chakras are balanced.

Along with lavender, vetiver has a positive effect on all the chakras and has both a calming and energizing effect. Lavender used on the solar plexus helps to calm intense emotions. Lavender also has an affinity with the crown chakra.

Because of its calming, relaxing effect of color can be used to achieve a state of deep meditation, which does not mean that everyone who uses lavender would inadvertently get into the trance. Because each oil just works according to the intention of the user.

Another creative balance and harmonizing effect of lavender are that it helps to integrate spirituality into everyday life.
Evaporate lavender to purify a house or room of negative energies.

Lavandin- Lavandula x Super

Lavandin is a cross between true lavender and aspic. The operation of Lavandin is weaker than that of the real color but works more powerful with trouble breathing and circulation.

. On the body: burns, bites, stabbing, slightly elevated blood pressure, fainting, gastrointestinal dram cramps, hardened muscles, depression, diarrhea, dizziness, flu, cough with phlegm, fever, rashes, migraines, irritability, rheumatic complaints, poor sleep, stress, eczema, lumbago, ear pain, nervousness, poor menstrual and digestive problems.

. Emotions & psyche treat: `brings peace & trust` in a tense and / or charged atmosphere.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Lavandin, along cedar and sandalwood, provide `free` in a tense atmosphere.

Lemongrass – Cymbopogon Citratus

. On the body: Helps good for colds, sinusitis, head lice, muscle pain, rheumatic pain, fatigue, fungal infections like athlete’s foot e.g. poor circulation, fat tissue and muscle tension, intestinal infections, indigestion, fever, headaches. Lemongrass purifies the blood, reduces heat and the evaporator insect repellent.

. handle emotions and psyche is enlightening, mind activates and encourages new actions.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Lemongrass is optimistic and dispels negative thoughts. Very useful to apply for a bad mood.

Take some sweet almond oil into the palm, add one drop of lemon grass and rub it in your hands, then go with your hands around your body (the aura) and smell very thorough in your hands.
Thus, you will immediately feel the effect of lemongrass.

Roman Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum Nobile

. On the body: Works very healing to stomach pain, heartburn, and persistent indigestion. Help relieve sore nipples. Pain relief in general.

. Emotions & psyche treat: Helps with irritability, restlessness, impatience, anger and irritation. Dispels stress and anxiety.

. Spiritual – Energetic: Chamomile has an adamant calming and comforting effect. This applies to the Roman chamomile and for the Chamomile.

They are working on all levels: physical, emotional and subtle. The dark blue color of chamomile highlights the affinity with the throat chakra, which this oil has a tonic and sedative effect.

  • This effect will be enhanced if the oil is used in combination with blue stones like, e.g., sodalite, lapis lazuli
  • Chamomile one uses for the promotion of the communication. Also very useful to be said as the truth, without bitterness and anger.
  • Roman chamomile is lighter blue and also has a direct effect on the throat chakra but in the highest octaves.
  • This oil can help to express the highest spiritual truth and strengthens the psychic ability.
  • Use it in combination with light blue stones such chalcedony, aquamarine
  • Blue is a very calming color and hence chamomile is very useful to the excitement and excessive activity to slow down in the chakra (not just in the throat chakra).
  • Use chamomile to heal the aura in places where there is heat, excitement, anger


Excellent details in embroidery: not accept compromises! Especially when working with logos and emblems carry out small details in embroidery is a problem, for example, with the transposition of Internet addresses or phone numbers below an emblem.

Especially when the thickness of thread No. 40 is introduced one quickly runs into the limit of possibilities. Particularly embroidery letters can be made with very fine embroidery readability in obvious point thanks to current pecking techniques and an increasingly accurate transposition in the Craftsselection embroidery machine. If additionally available thicknesses finer yarns, can be transposed small scripts, which can be read, and excellent quality.

We add to its range of standard products the following embroidery threads and thicknesses. They are ideal for embroidering some sharp details and delicately:

• Artificial silk embroidery: CLASSIC No. 60, available in 65 colors
• Polyester embroidery thread Polyneon No. 60, available in 100 colors
• FS metallic embroidery thread 7/2, No. 50, available in 16 shades of gold, silver and Castro-tones

Important: Please, consider these fine thicknesses of yarn in developing their programs pecking, that is, adequately inform your choppers! Only then you will receive, in effect, embroidery in the desired quality.


There are cases where once embroidered fabric is stained, thereby obtaining a dyed embroidery tone equal 100%. For this we recommend you proceed as follows:

a) If the embroidery fabric is made of cotton or rayon, then we recommend embroidery thread CLASSIC, color 1071, as the wire and the base material show a similar behavior in the dyeing process. In case you want to use our cotton yarn TANNE, then choose the 504 color.

B) If the fabric is made of polyester embroidery, then we recommend embroidery thread Polyneon, color 1803, as the wire and the base material show a similar behavior in the dyeing process.

However, since various factors influence the behavior of the dyeing process (e.g., the dye used, the combination of materials in mixtures tissues, duration of dyeing, etc.), can not guarantee that with our references Color proposed a dye is obtained in the same tone to 100%.

We, therefore, recommend that, in any case, before embarking on a large-scale production, is carried out a dying testing to control the applicability of the above threads.


Fact # 1
Rayon embroidery thread is most widely used in the world. About 80% percent of all embroideries are made with fiber.

Fact # 2
Rayon is extremely productive. Various tests have yielded. As a result, any product MADEIRA CLASSIC performs on average over 400,000 stitches before a thread break occurs. An international record of productivity.

Fact # 3
Rayon embroidery thread is “faster”. MADEIRA CLASSIC can easily embroider with up to 1,200 stitches per minute. All the leading manufacturers of embroidery machines present their tools at fairs with MADEIRA CLASSIC!

Fact # 4
Rayon embroidery thread is more docile. It lets change places throughout embroidery orientation without a problem and thus prevents the formation of loops.

Fact # 5
Rayon embroidery thread is brighter. According to the incidence of light changes the color tone and thereby brings to an active effect embroidery.

Fact No. 6
Rayon is extremely durable and stable color. MADEIRA CLASSIC can be washed at temperatures up to 95 ° C.



Artificial silk embroidery of the MADEIRA CLASSIC line is the first choice for heavy duty ennoblement of high-quality clothing and textile products, which has a harmonic stitch formation, unique in its kind. So the thread MADEIRA CLASSIC is internationally preferred by specialists embroidery in thicknesses 30, 40 and 60.

P.D .: Only high chemical requirements, for example, resistance to color- require the choice of a polyester yarn. In these cases, we recommend MADEIRA Polyneon. (And also for other individual cases and creative ideas we are provided with the right solution!)


In profiles embroidery, special requirements, for example in extreme chemical loads or manufacturing steps can be significant use of polyester embroidery threads. With the Polyneon line, MADEIRA also covers these fields of application and provides all the accredited quality products in the usual variety and brilliance of colors world.

P.D .: The first choice for the highest stability, quality and brightness are as usual embroidery threads Rayon MADEIRA CLASSIC line.